A note to the young people, or whoever needs to hear it:

Yes, we are spending more time watching Tiger King, reruns of Friends and Law & Order SVU than normal, but just because we’re working from home does not mean that while we’re home we always need to be working.

I thought up until about 10 minutes ago, that because I’m young and have the bandwidth (no kids, no pets, very few responsibilities requiring my time and attention outside of work) that I should be doing more work and helping out those that don’t have the time because they’re taking care of kids or work harder and longer because I am fortunate enough to still have a job or just work because I can and maybe someday I won’t be able to work the hours I can now or because I’m trying to advance in my career. But, as I rolled out of bed this morning, the commute to work, the 4 steps from my bed to my desk, felt longer than it ever had before.

This morning, I realized that it’s ok to take a “water break” or a “half-time” or a “off day” (I’m putting this in context of field hockey season because that’s what I know best). It’s ok to have a tough day at “practice” (work), it’s ok to feel tired or sore or mentally fatigued. Take the time to rest while you have it because after this is over, whenever that is, you’ll miss that time you could’ve taken to rest.

That’s the coolest thing about this time, you aren’t the only one resting. The whole world is shut down. So take your time, schedule it into your day (I am so serious about this– it works, I am speaking from experience). Put your rest time or your workout time on your work calendar so that people respect that time.

Anywho, not sure who needs to hear it, but I sure did this morning and s/o to the people that spoke that into my life this morning. Enjoy the downtime, start a journal, clear your head and rest.

I know that God is using this season for His glory. I wish I could tell you how, but He is because He always does. Lean in and listen.



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