Holding High Standards

One thing I’ve been learning this week is how important it is to know your standards, set them high and surround yourself with people who will hold you to those standards as well as reaching for similar standards.

When we don’t, we cheat ourselves.

This made me think back to and appreciate all of the people who have held their own expectations high, whether for themselves or the greater good of a team. I used to view these warriors as fun-sucking, too serious and selfish. I know see them as determined leaders who know what they want and that is something to be respected.

I now see the impact that holding high standards does for the people around you. It makes other step up and want to rise to the occasion with you.

Speaking from my own experiences, I was afraid to set high standards because I didn’t want to miss out on the spontaneous fun or come off as mean and bossy. I wanted to be likable and nice. Easy-going. But I stopped and looked around and saw that I had what others wanted for me but not what I wanted for myself.

How did this happen? The question I asked myself when I realized I was just trying to please the others around me. I hadn’t set my standards high and definitely hadn’t stuck to them.

So, today I’ve decided it’s time to set my standards high, stick to them, demand more from myself and those around me so that we can go after God’s will.

If you see me around, ask me about my new standards.


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