It’s been too long!

I’m baaaack!!!

What a year it has been..

Currently: Sitting at Philz (great coffee shop in LA) sippin’ an iced mint mojito coffee thinking about how God has moved in my life & around me in the past year & enjoying a (mostly) day off from work. And heading to Mt. Whitney tomorrow for a hike with one of my best friends Hailey & some other great people!

So to fill you in on life…

I’m working at a tech startup called Alyce (holler at me if your company needs a gifting platform! We’re pretty cool)

I started at Alyce while I was living in Boston & was LOVING the city life. Lived in the South End, biked or walked to the gym, then went to work & walked home & usually ended my day with a slice of pizza from one of the pizza shops around the corner.

Then, as you know, covid happened, things shut down, i got to spend a couple of months with my parents and family in VA (this was a huge blessing looking back on it. All 3 kids were home for months! Not sure how my parents felt about the grocery bills or having the empty nest be not so empty anymore but it was some good family time.)

Skip ahead a couple months.. i decided to road trip out to Colorado for the month of March to hang out, snowboard a little bit, get a change of scenery and see some friends. (&work remotely)

Then it came time for me to plan my drive home.

No part of me wanted to drive back. People had been telling me i looked like a local up in mountains & loved it (i can’t lie, i may have let it get to my head lol). AND THE SUN SHINED! Multiple days in a row! And the mountains. And the people.. i could go on & on but I’ll spare you.

So, my best friend Emily lives in Fort Collins. And her roommate had just moved out. 👏🏼TALK ABOUT GOD’S TIMING 👏🏼

And i moved in.. instead of driving back. I flew back to Boston to pack up my stuff & saw some goodbyes & then i moved to Colorado!

Long story short- I now live in Fort Collins, CO (an hour north of Denver) so if you’re ever in the area come through!

And if you’re still reading this far, i so appreciate you!

Since moving in Colorado, I’ve seen God speak into my life in ways i had been asking him to speak & move for years.

Let me tell you it HAS NOT been all rainbows & butterflies. Meltdowns have happened, FOMO has been real, work has been anything but easy as i transition to a new role (remote) & the pain of having to rebuild live again has been hard, but i know He has me here to grow.

So, while i miss the city life DEARLY, i know God is making room in my life for quietness & to listen. (And to be close to the mountains to SHRED all winter long!!🤘🏼🏂)

As i make room to listen to the Lord more, im sure he’ll put it on my heart to share so stay tuned for my blogs!

Thank you again for reading this far! Appreciate you.

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