Be vulnerable to the plans God has for you.

I find myself so often just going through life holding on, as tight as I can, to what want out of life and then just move on without acknowledging the pain that I have suffered from having my expectations come CRASHING down. Having that mindset of stuffing the pain and hardship in a box makes it hard to experience the greatness of this world that God intended us to have. Looking back on my life I see things that once mattered so much to me become things I hardly bat an eye at because I stopped being vulnerable to the plans God had for me.

I find myself pulling away from the world, trying not to get my hopes up so that I don’t have to build myself back up when they come crashing down. I find myself looking at things from the worst case scenerio so that I don’t get hurt in the end. But had these hard times not happened, I would not have the same relationship or a relationship at all with Jesus Christ.

I am realizing now that I have to be vulnerable to that uncertainty and unknowing of the plans that God has for me and know that regardless of the outcome, my identity lies in God. I am a child of God. All of you are children of God. 

Even if I fall, He will be there to catch me. Be vulnerable to the plans God has for your life. It’ll be an adventure but I promise it will be a good one.

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