The Road Less Traveled

I’m back!

It’s been a while since I last blogged but as I’ve been trekking across the country behind the wheel of a car or Penske truck I wanted to share my summer adventures with you, as well as the things I’ve seen,learned, and experienced on the road.

First, I moved from Amherst, MA to the suburbs of Nashville, TN with the Fam. You could say I experienced some culture shock there.(Ask my closest friends and they’ll tell you I was distraught when I realized my parents moved me to farm country.. but I’m starting to adjust). From this experience I learned that good things take time.. and sometimes a long time. But through this move, I’ve had to grow to trust God a little more and find peace in not having control. Although, this seems to be a reoccurring lesson for me.

While in Nashville, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue my childhood dream of being a truck driver. Some of you may be thinking, what the heck is wrong with this girl,  but, I love the open road and I used to think it would be so cool to just roadtrip all the time and I also used to love the show trick my truck (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it haha). But don’t worry “ya’ll”..(working on my southern jargon there), I am working for an event company so I am not just driving trucks. I get to set up moon bounces and games and tents and all kinds of things to create events for companies to celebrate their employees and give them a good time. Through this position I’ve had the chance to go places I never thought I would be going to like Fargo, ND, Greenville, SC, and South Bend, IN.

Fargo Theater in Downtown Fargo, ND
Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame in South Bend, IN

But, as crazy as I get from staring at the road for hours from the inside of a Penske truck it was taught me unique and valuable life lessons that I would  ever trade. It’s like the song by Darius Rucker, “you live and you learn, you crash and you burn” but you gotta keep rolling with the punches.

Anywaysss, this week I am traveling the country behind the wheel of car instead of a truck this time while visiting friends in old and new places while putting about 3,000 on the car (sorry mom and dad). But over the 1000 miles that I have already traveled I have begun to relize again that life is what you make it. Make you’re own fun and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Lake Wallenpaupack in PA Got to break out my new paddleboard there! And also learned the humans are not stronger than the sun.. always

I’ve found so much joy in the open road so far this summer and I am so happy to share that with you all! Stay tuned for more to come as I finish out this trip and head out on more adventures!

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