Fencing and Friends

Fencing in Caugus, PR

Yesterday I got to engage in spriritual conversations and learn about fencing all in one place! A group of students and leaders on the project went to Caugus, about an hour from San German, to watch   the mini Olympics (I’m not exactly sure of the correct terminology but I know the gold and silver medalists go on to compete for Puerto Rico). Bianca, a girl on the project from Ohio State, and I set off in search of engaging in spiritual conversation. The first people we approached giggled and said something in Spanglish that I couldn’t quite hear, so we moved on. 

We sat down in the bleachers next to a woman who was watching her two sons(15 and 17) compete in hopes of representing Puerto Rico. Bianca asked her what the competiton was about. After that, the three of us were talking for over an hour about all kinds of things, the fencing world, the island, (turns out she grew up Fairfax, VA! – small world!). We met one of her sons and picked his brain about what fencing is like in Puerto Rico and what’s like the represent the country internationally. The convo then moved into discussing the spriritual background of Puerto Rico. Our new friend then told us about her walk with Jesus and spoke the gospel to us. That was really cool! I am continually amazed to see how and why God brings certain people into our lives. We passes along information for her children to get involved in AIA as they begin to look into attending college.

Our official project outreach time is over. We are heading back to San Juan tomorrow for some exploring and debrief time, but first, we’re getting one more beach trip in!

Hasta luego

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