The Gospel on SOUNDCLOUD!!!!!

During the first week of the trip, Peter Gonazalez, an AIA staff member from Arizona, talked to us about the Gospel. He laid it out in a way that wasn’t boring to me. It actually made a lot of sense the way he said it. Talks about the gospel can often be extremely dry and heavy, but Peter’s talk showed me a new way to look at it and revealed to me why we live for God and what it means to live your life for God. Here is the link

The part that hit home for me was when Peter said that we are born into sin like crack babies. I never realized that I was BORN into sin. You can try as hard as you want not to sin but it’s going to happen anyways because Adam and Eve ate from the tree that God told them not to. When they ate from that tree, humans became sinful creatures. I have struggled with this in the past, trying so hard not to sin even if it was about the smallest thing. It led me to obsess over whether I was doing the right thing or making the right decision but I realized, after this talk, that we are born into sin and knowing this brings me peace because I know that God loves me so much that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for me and my sins so that He could have a relationship with me.

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