A Time to Receive!

It’s Christmas time! Yay!

I love this time of year! Decorations and Christmas cookies and ENDLESS Christmas movies! But also a time to honor and worship the birth of Jesus, our savior.

The Christmas season is all about giving. But what about receiving? I️ don’t know about you guys but I️ have a hard time receiving gifts.

I don’t feel worthy of gifts sometimes. I feel like I owe the person back or sometimes it can just be awkward. But I started to think about how receiving in my life translates into my relationship with Jesus and how I receive the gift He has given me of Salvation.

I started thinking about it.. How do I receive the best gift I could ever get?

The answer is: I take it for granted. How often do I wake up and think, “Wow, I am made perfect in the eyes of the Lord?”, not often. But how cool is that?! God see’s me as perfect and righteous because of Jesus! When Jesus died on the cross, he defeated death! He took on all of our sins so that we could be in a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Sure it doesn’t always feel like a gift, sometimes it just feels like a bunch of rules we have to follow. But the more you think about the freedom that Jesus gives, and the incredible sacrifice He has made, and God has made for us, it’s incredible.

So, as I challenge myself to continue through this Christmas season with a thankful heart for the gracious gift of Jesus, I would also like to challenge YOU to do the same!

{Romans 3:23/Ephesians 2:8-9}

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