It’s Not A Good Bye, It’s A See Ya Later

Someone smart once said, “it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later”. Today we left San German and we are now heading towards San Juan for the last 2 and a half days. I have formed so many friendships here and met people that I will never forget. These new friends have had a huge impact on me and my growth while I have been in Puerto Rico, both in so many aspects of my life, especially in my faith. I will miss my new friends so much! But, thankfully I will see them again in heaven one day! 

These past couple days we traveled to college campuses to share the gospel through a card game called Solarium and little book that outlines 4 spiritual laws. I am so inspired by the way God has worked through our group. We reached so many people whether it was just planting a seed for knowing God or they accepted Christ into their life. For the people that were interested, we tried to get them connected with the Puerto Rican students who are involved in Athletes in Action on their college campuses. And I pray that all of the people we reached out to continue to seek God and seek answers to any questions they have about what it means to follow God. God is working in tremendous ways through this country. 

Some of my favorites memories so far are jamming in Dee’s van with my discipleship group, numerous trips to Burger King for ice cream, having a dance party in the streets, late night mafia parties, being a part of the white team for the special and just hanging out with everyone.   

I’m looking forward to more good times in San Juan in these last 2 and a half days!

Getting iced coffee on the way to the beach with the KDA crew
Crash Boat Beach!

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